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Taylor K-6560

Taylor K-6560

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Taylor K-6560

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REAGENTS: 2 x R-0833 DI Water 2 x R-0868-25C Conductivity Solution 2500 uS (1273 ppm NaCl)

COMPONENTS: 1 x 5848 Instruction 1 x 6560 Meter, Conductivity, Myron L DS Model EP-10

1. Rinse sample cup three times with sample to be measured. NEVER FILL THE SAMPLE CUP BY DIPPING THE METER INTO WATER.
2. Refill sample cup with sample to be measured at least 1/4" above the upper electrode.
3. Press the black button.
4. Read the scale value indicated by the needle to determine parts per million (ppm) TDS.
5. Rinse sample cup three times with R-0833 DI Water (or tap water) when finished with the meter.

METER CALIBRATION NOTE: For calibration, TDS solution should be approximately room temperature (25 degrees C/77 degrees F).
1. Remove the bottom cover of the meter using fingernails or small screwdriver to loosen the front or rear edge.
2. Identify the Calibration Control knob (white dial with arrow) connected to board so the knob can be found by touch while calibrating.
3. Rinse sample cup three times with R-0968-1K TDS Solution (equivalent to 1000 ppm 442TM).
4. Refill sample cup with standard solution to at least 1/4" above the upper electrode.
5. While pressing the black button, adjust the Calibration Control knob with finger until scale reads the value of the standard solution.
6. Press the red button. Compare the scale reading with the INTERNAL STANDARD value on the meter's bottom label. If values are noticeably different, use the new value in place of the old one (see Internal Standard).
7. Replace the bottom cover.
8. Rinse sample cup with R-0833 DI Water (or tap water). INTERNAL STANDARD An INTERNAL STANDARD value for the meter is on the meter's bottom label. It is to be used between normal calibrations as a field check of the meter's accuracy. It is not a replacement for calibration with a standard TDS solution.

To verify the meter's calibration:

1. Press the red button.
2. The reading should match the INTERNAL STANDARD value on the bottom label or the new value obtained from calibration with a standard solution. Otherwise, the meter should be recalibrated. CAUTION DO NOT use samples hotter than 160 degrees F (71 degrees C). Readings will not be accurate. DO NOT splash solvents such as lacquer thinner, acetone, benzene or chlorinated solvents on the plastic case. DO NOT fix or modify the meter. This will void the warranty. See Service for details. DO NOT DIP THE METER INTO WATER. If water does get into the meter, see Water Inside the Meter for instructions on drying.


1. Remove the bottom cover of the meter using fingernails or small screwdriver to loosen the front or rear edge.
2. Press the red button. Adjust the Calibration Control knob to the maximum.
3. If the meter reads less than full scale, the battery should be replaced. Detach the battery connector. Pull on vinyl strap to remove the battery. Replace with a zinc carbon or alkaline 9 volt battery. Reinsert vinyl strap and battery.
4. Replace the bottom cover.


Self-conditioning of the built-in electrodes occurs each time the button is pressed with a sample in the sample cup. This ensures consistent results each time. With some samples a small downward swing of the needle is a result of this conditioning action. This action is powerful and removes normal films of oil and dirt. However, if very dirty samples (particularly scaling types) are allowed to dry in the sample cup, a film will build up. This film reduces accuracy. When there are visible films of oil, dirt or scale in the sample cup or on the electrode, scrub them lightly with a small brush and household cleanser. Rinse out the cleanser and the meter is ready for accurate measurements.


This Myron L meter is a rugged instrument and will withstand water exposure around its sample cup, meter movement, and switches. However, care should be taken to keep water from leaking in around the bottom cover. It is not sealed (to prevent condensation from forming). If water is relatively clean (i.e. tap water or better), and there are only a few drops inside the meter, dry it as described below. Large amounts of water, or corrosive or very dirty solutions will almost certainly damage the meter. If this occurs, return meter to Myron L Company for service.


1. Shake excess water out of meter.
2. Dab the exposed surfaces dry with an absorbent cloth or tissue. Avoid pushing any water into the Calibration Control or either of the switches.
3. Air dry the meter in a warm area with the bottom cover off. Allow several hours for thorough drying. If the water entered through a leak in the case or sample cup, or if the meter shows erratic readings or other unusual behavior, return it to Myron L Company for service.
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