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Wood Boiler Anti-Corrosion Chemical - 64 oz

Wood Boiler Anti-Corrosion Chemical - 64 oz

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Wood Boiler Corrosion Chemical

Ideal for outdoor wood boilers. This is the best chemistry for your outdoor wood boiler.
  • Easy to handle containers.
  • Comes as an all in one blended chemical.
  • Compatible with Mg anode rods.
  • The Tolyltriazole provided corrosion protection of your bronze and copper pipes.
  • The Silicate and borate for corrosion protection of your aluminum.
  • The Nitrite provides superior corrosion protection for iron material such as lower grades of stainless steel or iron pipes.
  • The red Phenolphthalein Indicator tells you when your pH is in the range which makes testing not necessary. Simply add the product until your water turns a light pink color and YOU ARE DONE.
  • You can also verify the chemical residual with test strips or a nitrite test kit.
  • Check water redness every month to ensure you have not lost any water.
  • The redness allows for easy leak detection.
  • Glycol compatible.
  • Product quality insured up to $3,000,000.
  • ISO manufactured.
  • Refresh with smaller order quantities.
  • Store in a cool, dark area to minimize the damage to the Phenolphthalein.
  • 1/2 Gallon treats 125 to 250 gallons of fresh water.

This chemistry was introduced to the market in 2008. We have sold over 10,000 units to independent wood boiler owners. ZERO defects, ZERO failures, ZERO complaints.

There are a lot of other chemicals on the market for wood boilers. Trust your chemistry to a Boiler Chemical company and not a wood boiler manufacture! We know chemicals, they know how to make boilers! This is the best corrosion control for your outdoor wood boiler!

What is ChemWorld 830?
ChemWorld 830 is a wood boiler chemical designed for minimizing corrosion in outdoor wood boiler and wood boiler systems. It is a nitrite based product with silicate, tolytriazole, borate, and alkalinity.

What is a Wood Boiler Chemical?
When we say "wood boiler chemical" we mean a boiler chemical that is designed to protect all metallurgies in your wood stove from corrosion (waterside corrosion protection).

Does ChemWorld have any customer references?
We have thousands of outdoor wood burning wood stoves using this product. We have never had a complaint. This product is 'Rock Solid' in this application! ChemWorld, as Qualichem Technologies, previously was the supplier to Heat Source 1 before they went bankrupt. We will still support your needs, if you purchased our chemical and like all customers may purchase directly from us.

Can anyone purchase this product?
We sell directly to manufactures, distributors, and homeowners. Just order directly online and your order will ship today.

Will this product work in our outdoor woodstove?
Our Wood Boiler Chemicals are designed to work in all makes and models of outdoor wood furnaces and stoves.

What metals will this product protect?
This product is formulated to provide corrosion protection for copper, mild steel, aluminum, and low grades of stainless steel.

Can it be used in hard and softened water?
It may be used with either hard or soft water and is compatible with glycol anti-freezes.

Why is this product purple?
This product contains a "P" Indicator for ease of proper dosage detection (turns your water a light pink).

How much will 1 gallon of this product treat?
One gallon will treat 300 to 500 gallons of fresh water. For systems, > 300 gallons the pink may not appear. The product residual will protect your system even if it does not turn pink. The 'P' indicator used in this product is tied directly to the total alkalinity, so for low pH waters it may take more product to turn the water pink. If this is your case don't worry, passivation is more important then pH. You are fine.

How do I inject the chemical?
You may consider installing a small chemical pot feeder on larger systems.

What safety concerns should we have when handling this product?
Always obtain the MSDS and review it prior to ordering and handling the product.

How does this product ship?
ChemWorld 830 ships Fedex ground and conforms to all D.O.T. shipping regulations.

Where does this product ship from?
Ohio or Atlanta.

How do we store this chemical?
Keep in a tightly closed container. Store indoors. Recommended storage temperature is 50 F - 105 F. Do not reuse container. Dispose of empty containers in compliance with federal, state/provincial and local laws and regulations. If you store this product at a high temperature it will turn brown. It is still good, but the P Indicator is damaged.

What is the shelf life of the product?
If you store it in a cool room the product will last for 5 to 7 years. If it is stored in a hot room, the p Indicator will turn brown. The product is still good, but the indicator has been damaged.

How often should this product be replaced out in our woodstove water?
Every 5 to 7 years is ideal before nitrite converts to nitrate. If the pink fades away, use test strips or a nitrite sodium nitrite test kit to check nitrites levels.

Do I need need to dump my system every year?
No, stop throwing money away. You don't need to refresh your chemical every year or every other year. As long as you don't dump your water or lose the water you are fine. Just monitor the color or perform quick nitrite tests.

I test my boiler water and the PH is great, but the Nitrite is really high. Is that a factor that needs to be addressed? I have been adding 1 gallon every year ever since I have owned the boiler except this year.

You do not want to feed it every year. The chemical stays in the bulk water. When evaporation takes place pure H20 leaves the boiler and fresh water is added. Overfeeding the nitrite has no adverse effect. It is just added protection. You want to make sure you are not driving up the pH too high if you are overfeeding the chemical. High pH will increase corrosion rates on bronze materials. So keep the pH between 8 to 10.

You may consider dumping half the water and refilling. Try to keep a range of 600 to 2000 ppm of nitrite. Nitrite is a food source for bacteria development and if you have lots of it, it may become prone for bacteria development if it sits idle in the summer.
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