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Boiler and Chiller Corrosion Inhibitor - 55 Gallons

Boiler and Chiller Corrosion Inhibitor - 55 Gallons

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Boiler Rust Inhibitor

What is a ChemWorld 2338D?
ChemWorld 2338D is designed to minimize corrosion to hot water boiler and chiller systems. ChemWorld 2338D is pink in appearance. ChemWorld 2338 & 2338D are closed water system treatment programs designed to treat hot and chilled water systems. The product contains a combination of nitrite, borate, and silicate formulated to minimize corrosion and deposition. The product comes in a clear and pink appearance form. This product is not intended for use in steam boilers. This product is compatible with propylene glycol.

How much chemical do I have to add to my system?
55 Gallons treats roughly 10,000 gallons of fresh water. Below is an easy to use the chart for determining the amount of Boiler Rust Inhibitor required for new systems.

Gallons of Product Required Gallons of Water
55 Gallons
9,625 to 13,750
5 Gallons
875 to 1,250
2 Gallons
350 to 500
1 Gallons
175 to 250

Residuals of this product can be monitored with a nitrite test kit or nitrite test strips.

For critical hot water applications, we recommend monitoring the boiler water pH and conductivity as a reference in case future problems occur.

Product Removal
For easy product removal, consider adding a 55-gallon drum dolly to disperse your inhibitor from 2" bung faucets into 5-gallon pails or hand pump the product from the 55 gallon drum.We buy and use the above mentioned Product and try to maintain a Nitrite level of about 1300ppm on our Commercial Steam Boilers but some of our boiler controllers seem to get corroded and leak after about 6 months to a year. My questions are: Are we using the correct chemical? Are we maintaining the correct reading? And if we’re what are your recommendations to stop our present issues so we don’t have to replace these components so often?
A steam boiler with low makeup up water can be treated like a hot water boiler and 2338 will work fine. If your steam boiler doesn’t return a lot of condensate back to the boiler and you are adding more water, you need to be using a sulfite based product that removes the dissolved oxygen from the freshwater.
If that’s the case Chemworld 1287 would be a better fit. With 1287 you just need any sulfite residual when testing the boiler water.

Can we add ChemWorld 2338 through a By-Pass feeder? Yes that is no problem. Our Chemworld 2338 can be fed through By-Pass Feeders.
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