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Type II Deionized Water

Type II Deionized Water - 20 Liter cube

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ChemWorld Deionized Water 20 liter cube. The cube container has a bladder inside the box with a pour spout. This deionized water specification meets:
  • Resistivity of the Deionized Water is greater than 1 mega ohms.
  • DI water is type II.
  • Conductivity is < 1 uS/cm
  • Sodium and Chloride < 5 ppb
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) < 50 ppb
  • Silica <<3 ppb
  • The Shelf Life is 24 months (Dependent on storage conditions.)
  • For industrial applications. This product is not UV treated and not produced through distillation.
Not intended for Human consumption. Do not use in food, beverages, or medical applications.

Note: This product is produced through a carbon filter and a type II deionizer and not through distillation.