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Glycol Refractometer

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Propylene Glycol: 32F to -60F (5F Intervals & Accuracy)
Ethylene Glycol: 32F to -84F (5F Intervals & Accuracy)
Battery Fluid Specific Gravity: 1.100 to 1.400 with Recharge, Fair and Good Ranges (0.050 Intervals)

The scale is MUCH clearer than this scale depicts below! Included are: a pipette for dropping test fluids onto the prism, a mini screwdriver for scale calibration, and a Users Guide. This unit will check your anti-freeze mixtures, and tell you what condition your battery is in! A serious tool for serious automotive people!

This model is made by the same manufacturer who makes the Refractometers for major Automotive/Tool Resellers (like the companies who drive the tool trucks around town).

One BRAND NEW Portable Refractometer in a blue, foam-lined hard plastic case. This model is designed to measure either Propylene Glycol or Ethylene Glycol Antifreezes and Battery Fluid. Checking these fluids will allow you to measure your radiator and batterys performance. The refractometer will insure that all is working properly, and not causing problems (like rust, prone to freezing, poor charging, poor cooling, etc.). This unit is designed with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) which allows for ambient shifts in outdoor temperatures, while still yielding accurate results. ATC works between the temperatures of 50F to -86F. This unit is also fantastic for testing aviation grade hydraulic oils (like Skydrol), Glycol-based heat transfer fluids, and fire resistant hydraulic fluids used in die casting or foundry applications.